Roofing Styles and Types

There are several types of residential roofing styles. A gable roof, for example, is an example of a type of pitched roof. This type of roofing style typically has four sides, with the lower slope being steeper than the upper slope. This type of roof has a distinctive shape and is often used to add uniqueness to a portion of the exterior of a home.

Another popular type of hipped roof is the pyramid roof. This style features four slopes and is typically built on a rectangular or square frame. It is often used on sheds, garages, small residential buildings, and cabins. This type of roof is easy to install, but it requires more maintenance than other styles.

A gable roof is another popular roofing style. This style combines the features of a hip and a gable roof into one. Gable roofs meet at a traditional peak and can be adjusted to have a steeper or flatter slope. This style is especially good for homes in rainy and cold climates, as it prevents water from accumulating on the roof.

In addition to shingles, homeowners may also want to consider the color and style of their new roof. Changing the roof is a great opportunity to give a new look to a property and increase its curb appeal. Choosing the style and color of your new roof will depend on your budget and the look you want to achieve for your home. You may be restricted in the materials that you can use for a new roof depending on the architecture of your home. A good way to get ideas for the right color and style is to inquire from local Orlando roofing company in your area.

Another roofing style that offers added living space is the mansard roof. Sometimes referred to as the French or Cove roof, the mansard roof is a hybrid of the hip and gambrel styles. Often, mansard roofs have dormer windows to give homes extra living space. Mansard roofs can be expensive to install, but they are versatile and allow for future additions.